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Be Electric Studios

Broaden the reach and impact of a high-end film and photo studio through digital strategy and content marketing.

Be Electric Studios is a hub for the photo and film production community in NYC founded in 2014. Clients include Google, Spotify, The Gap, Estee Lauder, Time Inc, Adidas, MTV, Balenciaga, Metallica, American Express, and hundreds of production companies, photographers, directors, producers and agencies from New York, Los Angeles, Europe and beyond.

Be Electric came to us seeking ways to expand their reach, to help their brand compete with the old guard Manhattan studios, and to connect more authentically and consistently with the artists and artisans making meaningful and important work today.

We got down to brass tacks: creating a CRM system to track customer relationships, streamlining their newsletters, blogs, emails, and marketing content by working with their entire team to discover the heart of their brand and articulate it in a fresh visual and verbal style.

The results? A mailing list with thousands of live and active artists and producers eagerly reaching out to Be to book space; a newsletter read by top industry brass who know and respect Be and what they do; an inbox teaming with sales leads; blogs and social channels read by film and photo movers and shakers, who then convert that interest into bookings, work of mouth, and sales; and a team of Be teammates complaining about having too many leads and not enough time to respond to them all. Good problem to have!

Here are some products related to our digital strategy:

  • Leadership marketing: we help Be Electric owner Andrew Stern maintain his industry leadership and status as a photo industry influencer 
  • Social marketing: we create and manage multiple social streams rooted in the community -- we spend time celebrating client successes and encourage them to celebrate (and share!) their own.
  • Blog strategy: we treat high value and homegrown talent to the publicity and excitement they deserve, and in turn, bring in clients from all industries and across a wide swath of the world.
  • Newsletter outreach: Because Be Electric is at the heart of a vibrant NYC production community, we positioned the newsletter to speak the voice of this expertise, and to invite these creatives to return to Be time and time again as clients.
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