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Baskin-Robbins at Home

New vision, voice, and visuals are needed when a household name becomes a household brand. (Like, literally: in your grocery store.)

When rights to the Baskin-Robbins branding and flavors were purchased by Boardwalk Frozen Treats, LLC., a new way of talking about the iconic "21 flavors" brand was needed. Not only did consumers need to know that B-R was available right down the grocery aisle, but they needed to know why they should choose B-R over one of the dozens of other beloved brands already in stock.

We were asked to create a snappy, sugary, and bright campaign for B-R which incorporated the feel of the ice cream parlors-of-yore but had the energy and excitement needed to wet a 21st century "millennial" appetite (see what I did there?). Working with international food photographer Chieko Kato, we broke things down to their most basic components: B-R's classic pastels, delicious shots of things-we'd-want-to-eat, and inventive ways of putting the CPG products in plain view.

As copywriter, my focus was on clarity and silliness, celebration and call-to-action. Working hand-in-hand with the digital team's "grocery finder app" ("where to find X flavor near you!"), and local and national suppliers, distributors, and grocery chains, we wanted to bring positive energy to a product already associated with childhood joy, and thus to ensure every potential ice cream eater would choose to pick up a delicious Baskin treat the next time they saw one in the freezer aisle.

To do this we made our focus:

  • To preserve the classic 1950s aesthetic and nostalgic charm of the brand.
  • To invent fun ways to bring "your local grocer" into branding and social.
  • To remind folks that the product was now even easier to get (without being a nag).
  • To invite them to bring Baskin home and make it a part of their daily indulgences.
  • To bring sugar-sweet smiles to sugar-craving shoppers (so they'd click through and buy!).
Here are some sample posts based on our favorite concepts and copy!
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