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"Vertu Life:" Luxury Mobile Content

Go far, go fancy. Copywriting luxury travel for a concierge in-app experience on the Vertu Luxury Mobile Network.

    We were invited to serve as the copywriting team implementing global content strategy for "Vertu Life," and in-app platform for Vertu Luxury Mobile Phones, the British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury handmade mobile phones. Through the creation of deeply-researched, branded content, our copy connected Vertu clients with luxury brands throughout the world (from Mexico City to Zurich and back).

    By producing copy which focused on "passion points," and emulating the knowing tone and exclusive tastes of brands like Monocle and Forbes, we explored the world with creativity and insight so that Vertu subscribers could explore it with ease. Our daily content was published on 12,000-15,000 devices worldwide and lead to the retention of thousands of luxury-level app users.

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      Our content strategy covered:

      • art and culture

      • fine dining

      • champagne, wines and spirits

      • luxury travel

      • business intelligence

      • VIP entertainment

      • elite world sport

      • fashion

      Example content:

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