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Mothership Coffee Roasters

New brand slogan and voice refresh for iconic local cafe chain.

Beloved Las Vegas coffee chain, Mothership Coffee Roasters, was the longest running indie coffee chain when they decided to refresh their brand and imagery in late 2022.

I worked with the in-house marketing team and CEO to uncover a natural brand voice, develop a new slogan, and create a refreshed vibe that would excite their Gen Z customer base, attract more Millenial coffee drinkers, and accent the inclusive, community-oriented values the brand represents.

The result? The 'Drink Like a Mother' campain: A new slogan, a coffee bag, a new website, a new presense on social media, a new vibe, and a new energy around the brand in Las Vegas, and beyond.

Some samples of what we created are below.

Coffee bag redesign with new brand story:

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New brand slogan:

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New style guide, branded story, and brand voice:

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